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Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate represents faculty interests in the shared governance arena at Bowie State University. There are two faculty organizations, the Senate and the Association. The meetings of the Faculty Association are held once or twice a semester and are open to all faculty members. The Faculty Senate meets every third Thursday of the month during the academic year. Its membership is comprised of elected representatives from every department and at-large members from the schools. Please contact your departmental or at-large faculty senator with any issues or concerns you would like addressed by the University.

Meeting Schedule

The Faculty Senate meets at 3:00 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month of the academic year in the Library Conference Room. Items for Senate consideration should be shared with a departmental Senator or the Senate Chair.

Meeting minutes from the current year are available on the
Faculty Senate Blackboard Site.

Senate Officers

Chair - Patricia Westerman -

Vice Chair - Cubie Bragg -

Secretary - Frederick Mills -

Graduate Assistant - Brenna Smothers -

Faculty Senate 2013–2014

Colleges are represented by one senator from each department and two at-large senators.
Faculty Senators 2013-2014