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The annual election of Executive and Senatorial officers of the SGA occurs each spring semester.

Who Can Run for Student Government Association

Undergraduate students can apply to run for Executive, and Senatorial positions within the SGA. All details are outlined in our SGA Constitution. To receive an application, once must go to a mandatory interest meeting then be cleared by the elections committee; in order to receive an elections applications.

For further questions/information please email:

SGA Election Committee

The Election Committee is an independent body comprised of undergraduate students who help administer the SGA Elections. Some of the duties of the Committee include enforcing Election Policy, addressing violations, hosting the annual debate, and encouraging students to get involved with the election process. This committee consist of six (6) senators and three (3) individuals from the student body chosen by the president; in addition to the elections chair and co-elections chair.

SGA Positions
  • Student Government Association President/Vice-President
  • Miss Bowie State University
  • Mister Bowie State University
  • Class President/Vice-President
  • Class Queen
  • Class King
  • Director of Commuter Services
  • Campus Activities Board President/Vice-President
  • Senate Member-At-Large

Apply to Run for Student Government Association

Download the SGA Election Application here

Please email the completed application and required documents to the SGA elections committee at If you have any questions, please email the SGA elections committee.