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Dual Enrollment Counselor Information Page

The BSU/PGCPS Dual Enrollment Program is a partnership between Bowie State University and the Prince Georges County Public Schools with the intent of providing students in their junior and senior year of high school with a college experience.  The program  allow rising juniors  and students through their senior year to register for classes through out the year at Bowie.  The students are not segregated into specific Partnership only classes, but attend classes with degree seeking students.  Students are also encouraged to participate in the full spectrum of campus life and activities. We want the students who participate in this program to experience college in order for them to learn more about higher education and how it fits into their lives and future.

You, the professional counselor, are a very important part of this process.  You know your students in a way we cannot. You know their academic backgrounds and performance as well as, in many cases, their aspirations for educational and career goals.  This knowledge is essential in their selection of college courses to take while at Bowie. 

The steps for a student to follow for admission are:

  1. Students are to meet with their School Counselor to discuss taking courses in the Dual Enrollment program. The discussion will focus on possible courses to be taken in the context of their academic abilities and current and future academic and career goals. Will the courses help them with graduation or will they serve them as they go on to college or work?
  2. Learn more about the courses and the available sections by going to the Bowie State University website. The course schedule is located at:
  3. Students need to complete the following forms2: (All forms can be obtained from the BSU Dual Enrollment Website)
    1. BSU/PGCPS Dual Enrollment Application form
    2. Supplemental Application form.
    3. Dual Enrollment Registration form (This form can be completed independently by the student
  4. The Counselor will have to approve the student’s application and the Principal will have to sign off.  This is an important step in that it demonstrates a confidence on the part of the Counselor that the student may be able to handle college level study and that they have met.
  5. Students will then send the application material to the Continuing Education Office at Bowie State University. (Mail, deliver, scan and email or Fax) The material will include a copy of the transcript and scores from either the SAT, ACT or Accuplacer. These scores are crucial for placement into specific courses.
  6. The student will then contact the Continuing Education Office at Bowie State University to schedule an appointment with the Director of Continuing Education to complete the admissions and registration process.
  7. Students are to attend the BSU/PGCPS Dual Enrollment Orientation Session prior to the beginning of the semester for more information on attending the university. This session will take place the Thursday prior to the start of the session.
  8. Students who are not a part of the Free and Reduced Meals Program (FARMs) will need to pay the fees associated with their registration once the registration process has been completed.
  9. Students in the FARMs program will pick up their textbooks from the Bulldog Card Office, located in the Student Center.

Please contact the Office of Continuing Education at (301) 860-3991 or by email at: if you have any questions or need any assistance.