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Student Resources

Clubs & Organizations

Cyber Security Club

The BSU Cyber Security Club is the newest COSC organization for students.  It is designed for students who are passionate about security and forensics studies and applications.  Activities include preparation for the *National Cyber League (NCL) fall gaming season, tutorial workshops, field trips; hackathon prep and participation; and other types of events. All COSC and CTEC students are invited to become members of this fast growing club.  Please contact Dr. Rose Shumba by emailing or calling 301-860-4446.

Student Support


  1. Tutoring - The department hires its own students to serve as tutors for our student population.  Both undergraduate and graduate tutors are available and can be found in either the open lab on the first floor of the Computer Science Building (CSB), room 111, or in the chair's office on the second floor, suite 207. Peer-to-peer tutoring can have a positive impact on student performance.

    Plus, the PRISEM Tutoring Center can also be found on the first floor of the CSB.  They focus primarily in the domains of science, engineering and mathematics (SEM) in the PRISEM Tutoring center.

  2. BlackBoard™ - Click the link to get to BSU's BlackBoard Learning System™.

Department Jobs

  1. COSC Undergraduate Student Job Application
  2. COSC Graduate Student Job Application


  1. HBGI Fellowship Application
  2. Graduate Assistantship Program
  3. Federal, State, & Institutional Financial Aid



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