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Concentration and Minors

The Department of History & Government offers several academic options to allow students to explore specific interests that align with their career goals.



The government concentration focuses on three core areas: American government and politics, comparative politics and international relations, and political philosophy and theory.



The minor in history combines survey and upper-level courses, offering students the opportunity a window into the past while strengthening writing, critical thinking and reasoning skills.


Geography defines the world sphere and the communities that inhabit it. In this course of study, students learn about the human habitat in regional environments; the ways space is organized for economic, social and political purposes; the manner that natural resources are utilized and developed; and the relationships between these considerations and public policy.


The government minor, designed for students who wish to broaden their knowledge of the scope and impact of government in society, enhances the student’s understanding of the dynamics of government in an era of globalization.

Historical Management

With a host of museums and historical sites in the nearby Washington, DC area, Bowie State’s historical management minor is ideal for students planning a career in archiving, records management, museum curation or library sciences.

International Studies

The dynamic curriculum prepares students for graduate school and careers in government, business and international affairs. Students obtain multicultural education and enhance their language and communication skills. The courses within the international studies minor focus on international political economy, area and comparative studies, and international politics.

Pan-African Studies

This is an interdisciplinary sequence of courses that enables students to focus on the role African people have played in shaping world civilizations. Pan-African studies offers vital training in methods and research in the social sciences. 


Philosophy students take a critical look at the foundations of the humanities and the natural sciences. Because of its emphasis on critical reading, writing, and argumentation, philosophy is an ideal complement to many other disciplines, such as English, psychology, computer science, and history.


The pre-law minor—designed to develop the writing, critical thinking, and analytical skills necessary for admission to and success in law school—consists of law and related courses. Students who are interested in going to law school are encouraged to develop their writing proficiency and to choose rigorously analytical courses for all of their electives.

Women’s Studies

The women’s studies minor delves into the intersection of race, gender, and class in women’s lives. Students study women’s impact on society from multiple perspectives that transcend disciplinary boundaries.