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Faculty & Staff

Office of the Dean

Dr. Rhonda Jeter, Dean

Mrs. Joan Smallwood, Executive Administrative Assistant to the Dean

Leilani Assante, Administrative Assistant

Ms. Treopia G. Washington, Director of Special Initiatives

Mr. George Jones, Jr., Staff Assistant — Finances

Ms. LaToya Walters, Retention Coordinator

Center for Assessment, Accreditation and Retention (CAAR)

Dr. Dawn Johnson-Tate, Accreditation Coordinator

Ms. Christina Moody, Administrative Assistant

Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development (TLPD)

Dr. Lynne G. Long, Interim Department Chairperson, Director of Field Experiences

Mrs. Connie Deas, Administrative Assistant

Prof. Marshina Baker, Faculty

Dr. Melissa Duchene-Kelly, Assistant Professor of Sport Management

Dr. Kimetta Hairston, Curriculum & Instruction Specialist

Dr. Barrie Ciliberti, Faculty

Dr. Yvonne Crawford, Faculty

Dr. Julius L. Davis, Faculty

Dr. William Drakeford, Faculty

Dr. Eva Garin, Professional Development Schools (PDS) Coordinator

Dr. Constance Brooks, Graduate Elementary Education Program Coordinator

Dr. Davenia Lea, Coordinator of Elementary Programs

Dr. Waseem Mazher, Graduate Special Education Coordinator

Dr. Akeda Pearson-Stenbar, Director of Advanced Studies in Teaching and Learning

Prof. Barbara Smith, Elementary Education (Interim) Coordinator

Dr. Joseph Spears, Coordinator of Sport Management

Dr. Jacqueline Sweeney, Graduate Reading Program Coordinator

Dr. Felicia Valdez, Early Childhood/Special Education Program Coordinator

Dr. Josephine Wilson, Faculty

Educational Studies and Leadership

Dr. Wilbur Parker, Department Chairperson

Ms. Kelly R. Alexander, Administrative Assistant

Dr. Janeula Burt, Faculty

Dr. Sean Coleman, Director of Doctoral Program

Dr. Renee Foose, Faculty

Dr. Paul Hester, Faculty

Dr. Ann Hilliard, School Admin. & Supervision Program Coordinator

Dr. Sylvia Lee, Faculty

Dr. Edward Newsome, Faculty

Dr. J. Winona Taylor, Faculty

Counseling Department

Dr. Otis Williams III, Department Chairperson; Faculty

A. Michele Irby, Administrative Assistant

Dr. Cubie Bragg, Program Coordinator, Counseling Psychology

Dr. Karina Golden, Faculty

Dr. Kimberly Daniel, Faculty

Dr. Jake A. Johnson, Faculty

Dr. Audrey Lucas Brown, Faculty

Dr. Kimberly Mills, Program Coordinator, School Counseling

Dr. Darla Mae Scott, Faculty

Dr. Jennifer West, Faculty