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The Department of Psychology is committed to the mission, goals, and objectives of the University. The department prepares students for leadership in a global community through the development of their knowledge and skills in the history and theories of psychology, human development, and understanding of individual differences. Research and field experiences prepare students for graduate education and professions in psychology.


  1. To provide a high quality education to students so that they are prepared to enter graduate or professional schools.
  2. To prepare students for graduate studies by providing a general psychology experience that includes theoretical and practical knowledge about the discipline.
  3. To provide a well-planned sequence of field experiences in diverse settings that enable students to relate professional knowledge to the understanding of self, others, societies, and cultures at large.
  4. To create and foster an environment for research among faculty and encourage student research under the supervision of the faculty.
  5. To maintain a rigorous program through expansion and continuous revision of the undergraduate curricula.
  6. To provide relevant service courses to the University community.