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The mission of Bowie State University’s social work department is to “offer a sound educational program that is designed to prepare students for entry level generalist practice with diverse populations, graduate school, continued professional development, and lifelong learning.” The program’s mission is consistent with the profession’s purpose and values.

The mission is consistent with the profession’s purpose and values. The purpose of the social work department at BSU is to prepare competent generalist practitioners to provide high quality social services. The department promulgates a model for social work in the 21st century by preparing social workers to address the changing demographics that characterize the increasingly diverse nation. The department makes a major contribution to knowledge and training for the next generation of primarily (but not exclusively) African American social workers. Faculty, staff, and field supervisors are committed to preparing culturally competent practitioners to become change agents at the micro, mezzo, and macro level.

The mission statement speaks to the important balance of knowledge, values, and skills in building competent social work practitioners who are committed to diversity and social justice. The profession’s core values (service, social justice, dignity and worth of the person, the importance of human relationships, integrity, and human rights) undergird the social work curriculum and are addressed to varying degrees in every social work course. 


The goals of the social work department are derived from the mission statement. The goals are that the Department of Social Work at BSU will prepare graduates who will:

  1. Work effectively at the entry level with individuals, families, groups, communities, and organizations.
  2. Engage effectively in continued education, professional development, and lifelong learning.
  3. Effectively communicate with diverse populations that reflect the global community.