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Bulldog Scholars Academy

June 23-August 3, 2019

Cost of Attendance

  • $1,000 in-state
  • $2,850 out-of state

Bulldog Scholars Academy is a six-week, residential, pre-college experience for first-time freshmen. Designed to ignite love for learning and build strong academic foundations, Bulldog Scholars Academy provides students with the opportunity to earn six credits toward graduation. Here is a snapshot of the summer experience: 

General Education Courses: Students enroll in a college-level courses appropriate for their major. They receive structured support inside and outside the classroom to increase their chance for success.

Co-curricular Activities: To provide context for learning and offer students an opportunity to explore their roots, Bulldog Scholars Academy travels to historical landmarks, which may include Trail of Enslaved Africans, Virginia and Harriet Tubman National Monument, Maryland. 

Extracurricular Activities: The summer will be packed with fun and inspiring activities. Last year scholars participated in team building activities, intramural sports, outdoor adventures, fitness classes, and much more. 

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