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Alumni Association

Your years at Bowie State University (BSU) were one of the richest times in your life, putting you in touch with a new sense of yourself and renewed enthusiasm for all you do. Now, we invite you to keep your connection with Bowie State University strong.

As a BSU alumnus, you are recognized as a graduate of an outstanding university that is especially respected by businesses. You are singled out for your ambition, determination and perseverance. You are part of an extended family that reaches out and serves the community in various ways.

Bowie State University National Alumni Association (BSUNAA) has taken an active role in increasing alumni participation.

The primary purposes of the BSUNAA are:

  1. to advance the cause of education, and
  2. to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between Bowie State University and the National Alumni Association.

All persons having attended Bowie State University, formerly Bowie State College, Maryland State Teachers College, Bowie Normal School #3, and Maryland Normal School for Colored Youth, shall be entitled to membership.

By being an active member, keeping us apprised of your accomplishments and networking with other alumni and current students, you will continue to find enrichment from your relationship with Bowie State University and members of the BSU National Alumni Association. BSUNAA active members also get special benefits. Find out more about the BSUNAA Partnership offers.

Click here to find the BSUNAA Constitution and Bylaws.

Join BSUNAA and reap the many benefits!


There's a spot in my heart that never goes cold

There's a place in my memory that never grows old.

There's a prayer on my lips that I'll ever be true

To God and my country, to Bowie State, my school


Oh, Bowie State, dear Bowie State

May you forever be the flame of faith

The torch of truth

To guide the steps of youth.

There's a song in my heart that I'll ever sing

Of the beauties of Bowie State that each season brings.

There's a pledge in my heart, that I'll ever keep true

To uphold the standards of Bowie State, my school.

 -Charlotte B. Robinson