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Official Policies




Chapter I. Law Enforcement Role, Responsibilities, and Relationships

Article 1 BSUPD Role and Authority

Article 2 Laws and Rules of Arrest

Article 3 Search and Seizure

Article 4 Warrantless Search

Article 5 Stop and Frisk

Article 6 Use of Force

Chapter II. Organization and Administration

Article 7 Rules of Conduct

Article 8 Organization

Article 9 Written Directives


Chapter III.    Personnel Matters

Article 10 Duties and Responsibilities

Article 10A Chain-of-Command

Article 10B Police Officers' Knowledge of the Manual

Article 10C Public Safety Aides' Knowledge of Manual

Article 11 Benefits and Conditions of Work

Article 12 Secondary Employment

Article 13 Grievances (Attachments 13-A)

Article 14 Discipline

Article 15 Rules and Regulations

Article 16 Use of Alcohol and Controlled Substances

Article 17 Domestic Violence

Article 17A Domestic Violence for Police Employees

Article 17B Policy on Cooperation

Article 18 Tuition/School

Chapter IV.     Personnel Process

Article 19 Selection

Article 20 Selection

Article 21 Promotion

Article 22 Performance Rating System

Article 23 Awards

Chapter V.      Police Operations

Article 24 Calls for Service

Article 25 Criminal Investigation

Article 26 Juveniles

Article 27 After-Hours Access

Article 28 Unusual Occurrences and Emergency Incident Notification

Article 29 Communicable Diseases

Article 29 Communicable Diseases

Article 30 Coordination with Residence Halls

Article 31 Satellite Facility Operations

Article 32 Community Oriented Policing Services

Article 33 Shift Change


Chapter VI.     Public Relations

Article 34 Citizen Complaints

Article 34A Investigations

Article 35 Media Access


Chapter VII.   Traffic Enforcement

Article 36 Traffic Enforcement

Article 37 Abandoned, Wrecked, Inoperable Vehicles

Article 38 Vehicle Impounds

Article 39 Vehicle Pursuits

Article 40 Extra Jurisdictional

Chapter VIII.  Prisoner Processing and Court Procedure

Article 41 Arrest Procedures

Article 42 Court Procedures

Article 43 Arrest Documentation - Felony Screening

Chapter IX.     Technical Services

Article 44 Radio Communication/ PCO Manual

Article 45 Records

Article 46 Collection and Preservation of Evidence

Article 47 Property and Evidence Control

Article 48 Uniforms, Equipment, and Appearance

Article 49 Police Vehicles - Use, Repair & Maintenance