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Your Impact


80% of BSU students need financial aid. If you are ready to make a difference in their lives, enroll in Payroll Deduction at Select “Bowie State University” and choose how much you want to be conveniently deducted each bi-weekly pay period.


Faculty and staff giving is a big factor in university rankings. When employees support their own campuses, their gifts are leveraged to attract larger funding. Your giving will set BSU students and our university on the path to greater success. You can direct your payroll deduction to scholarships, student emergency aid, research, programs, sports, ‘area of greatest need’ or any other campus priority that means the most to you.


No matter the size of your gift, your investment meets an immediate need AND strengthens our ability to Race to Excellence. When faculty and staff give, it is more than a matter of pride, it’s an indicator of our impact on the lives of Bowie State University students. It takes less than 3 minutes to sign up for payroll deduction, but your impact will last a lifetime!

Our students NEED your PARTICIPATION
No matter how much you choose to give

Faculty and Staff Giving Makes a BIG Difference

Just $5 per pay period = over $130+ a year
Your $100 can help buy his textbooks for a semester

$25 per pay period = $650+ a year
Your $500 can provide a graduating senior with emergency aid to enroll in her final semester

High PARTICIPATION Amplifies Your Impact
If 100% of BSU’s 650+ faculty/staff gave:
$5 per pay period, $85,000 a year would be raised for the campus priorities chosen by employees!
At $25 per pay period, that figure increases to $422,500.