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Office of Government Relations

Welcome to the Office of Government Relations (OGR) for Bowie State University.  The OGR serves as the University liaison with local, state and federal governments and agencies. Our priorities are to build and maintain effective partnerships on behalf of the University through representation and advocacy of BSU's interests; educate the University community about issues affecting the University and higher education; and monitor the state and federal legislative processes as it pertains to advancing the mission of University.

To avoid conflicts and ensure the University speaks with one coordinated voice, academic departments and other campus constituents must communicate with the Office of Government Relations before expressing opinions to legislators or government agencies. This is in no way an attempt to curtail academic freedom or individual liberties, but rather to prevent the official position of Bowie State University from being misidentified to elected officials or other government representatives.

The Office of Government Relations invites the University community to provide comments on legislation relevant to the University.  The comments are used by the OGR to help determine what, if any, actions are needed with respect to the University's position on that legislation.  Faculty and staff should coordinate their position with the OGR and notify OGR if anyone from the University intends to testify, or otherwise comment, on legislation.

Contact Us:

Derrick Coley
Special Assistant for Government Relations

Karen Johnson Shaheed, Esq.
Executive Vice President and General Counsel